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About Viaweb
Our mission is to lead the Web Development industry in the creation of innovative online solutions through the use of emerging design and programming technologies, strategic planning and marketing. We will ensure customer satisfaction through teamwork, timely service, dedication and integrity while maintaining a reputation for professionalism and community service. We are web developers in South Africa.
  • Software Development

    Custom Software Development With a balance of technical and deep industry-specific expertise (manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial services and more), we help our clients to build web, mobile and desktop applications for the management of their B2B, B2C interactions and internal operations. We offer a comprehensive set of software development services from requirements discovery to support,…

  • SharePoint

    Viaweb ensures you have a well-managed SharePoint environment .

  • Integration Services

    Viaweb offers comprehensive migration services to help organizations smoothly transit to Microsoft Office 365 from any software configuration, be it on-premises, cloud or hybrid. Relying on our SharePoint and Office 365 consulting practice

More About Us

We enable clients to achieve strategic objectives on time and on budget through VIAWEB’s consulting expertise, creativity, and broad based experience gained through real-world project work with some of the largest and most successful companies. Utilizing innovative methods and technologies, Web Development provides self-service functionality for the enterprise by facilitating and implementing unified, streamlined technical business solutions. With technical proficiency and expertise, we cohesively integrate graphic design with web page layout, interactive programming, and database-driven content to plan, build, and deploy e-business.

We continuously search for faster and better methods of servicing our client’s needs and we balance our desire to create a graphically pleasing site with the essential requirements of functionality and ease of maintenance.

We understand the need for a business of any size to be conscious of costs and our focus is to provide the best value for our services possible.

Our goal is to serve as a resource for quality Website Development and information.

We strive:

• To support our clients’ work with exceptional websites

• To work with local, National and International clients