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SharePoint Development

Viaweb has been providing SharePoint consulting services for more than 12 years to let our customers benefit from SharePoint platform. Viaweb deliver SharePoint solutions that support such business goals as creating a comfortable collaborative environment tailored to customers’ specifics, reducing operational expenses and increasing employee productivity and loyalty.

Viaweb see SharePoint as a powerful platform to meet the needs of businesses regardless of their scale and industry.


Viaweb provides full-cycle SharePoint services.

Viaweb can help you with any SharePoint-related issue at any stage of your solution life-cycle. We can assist you in developing, customizing, migrating, maintaining and supporting your solution, so you don’t have to look for another service provider to ensure your solution’s continuous evolution. is focused on the non-technical, advisory and professional services offering.

We aren’t just developers, we are consultants. We understand your business needs and prioritize them, instead of focusing on development

With 100+ completed SharePoint projects, we know how to transform out-of-the-box SharePoint into a custom-made SharePoint intranet or extranet, document and workflow management system, responsive public website, knowledge and innovation management solution, HR or project management system, helpdesk portal and more.

SharePoint extranets

We know that fruitful external collaboration defines your business stability and success. To help you establish robust relationships with your customers, vendors and partners, we create SharePoint extranets that help you stay connected with users outside of your organization. This simplifies negotiation and decision-making, supports your business openness and encourages dynamic and secure knowledge exchange.

Sharepoint Intranet Design

We deliver enterprise portals tailored to your specific business environment, working pace, collaboration style and corporate values. Our objective is to leverage each SharePoint and Office 365 capability and create a mighty working kit for your employees to stay productive in any location and on any device.

Our portfolio includes Office 365 and SharePoint corporate intranets for healthcare organizations, banks, financial institutions, manufacturing, retail, logistics companies and more

SharePoint document management solutions

Viaweb deliver full-fledged document management solutions to ensure uninterrupted and error-free document flows in your organization. We create well-structured document libraries, set metadata features to allow users to easily classify and search their documents, and implement relevant document management workflows to ensure fully automated document circulation both inside and outside your organization.

Working with SharePoint for over 12 years, we know that the platform can handle a variety of business challenges on its own. Yet, organizations can increase the capabilities of both SharePoint and other enterprise systems by integrating them. Fully-fledged collaboration within a CRM system, a cloud ERP system connected with employees’ digital workplaces, centralized content repositories – these are the advantages a successful integration can bring. And Viaweb’s SharePoint team is here to help your company reach these integration perks.


SharePoint Workflow

Viaweb help you automate business processes of different complexity and turn multistep tasks into simple and logical workflows.
Viaweb bring comprehensive workflow management systems to life and add workflow management features to other SharePoint solutions to reduce employees’ efforts and time they spend on their daily tasks. We implement both out-of-the-box and custom workflows as well as deliver custom event receivers to cover the most sophisticated enterprise processes.

Sharepoint HR Solutions

Viaweb facilitate such HR activities as recruitment, onboarding, employee personal development, training sessions, paid-time-off (PTO) tracking and more with dedicated SharePoint HR solutions. We help HR managers stay connected with employees, follow their personal progress and promptly react to their needs to better control employee turnover and increase staff retention.
We care about end-users. While creating SharePoint solutions, we think about user adoption upfront. That’s why we develop every SharePoint feature focusing on its value and convenience for end-users. We also carry out training sessions to help users understand their SharePoint solutions and benefit from them every day.

SharePoint Migration

A SharePoint migration is the process of taking all the content you have in your existing file share or SharePoint, and moving it to either a new or an existing environment.

Viaweb offers comprehensive migration services to help organizations smoothly transit to Microsoft Office 365 from any software configuration, be it on-premises, cloud or hybrid. Relying on our SharePoint and Office 365 consulting practice, we guide our customers through the entire migration way and ensure that the migrated solution functions appropriately and meets collaboration expectations of all user groups

SharePoint Support & Health Check

Here at Viaweb, we offer a vast range of Sharepoint services. Including support. Contact us and consult us for your sharepoint development projects, Existing or new.